SMARTfit Exergames – delight kids clubs in Santa Clarita

SMARTfit Exergames – delight kids clubs in Santa Clarita

In today’s interconnected world, few things are more important than customer service.  Or as we like to say at SMARTfit, we focus on delivering “Customer Delight.”

With our interconnected SMARTfit exergames technology, the delight of our customers is an incredibly high priority, and that means being available when issues arise.  Our ability to offer quick on-line and telephone support is key to minimizing down time and ensuring delighted SMARTfit exergames players.

The City of Santa Clarita’s “Canyon Country Community Center” hosts an older version of the current SMARTfit technology, which recently needed some fine tuning.  Our talented technical staff paid a visit to Canyon Country, and according to e-mail correspondence with City staff, “The wall is working better than ever!!  Thank you so much for coming out and fixing it. I also want to thank you for the best customer service we can ask for.”

E-mails like this just delight us.

Many of our systems go years without being serviced, but obviously the possibility exists that you’ll need to have your SMARTfit exergames equipment serviced.  This testimonial goes to show you that we place an incredibly high level of importance on customer delight, and that our technical team is here for whatever you need.  Feel free to call or e-mail us anytime on the information listed below.

Customer Delight Information



SMARTfit at the Canyon Country Community Center

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