Delaying the Onset of Dementia with SMARTfit

As reported in Senior Housing News. The senior living industry is shifting toward more value-based care and payment models that reward quality health outcomes and preventive measures.

Although this wasn’t the case just a few years ago, insurance companies and the federal government are beginning to understand that preventive measures are much more important in health and senior care, according to Juliet Holt Klinger. Holt Klinger says that this is doubly true in dementia care, where the earlier a resident’s cognitive decline can be managed, the sooner operators can potentially reduce or delay more costly treatments later in life.

“In a value-based system we really have to look at a lot of these preventative measures earlier,” Holt Klinger said. “One of the most interesting emerging trends is the change in the way we look at the diseases of dementia.”

Holt Klinger, Senior Director of Dementia Care for Brookdale Senior Living (17 years) is a gerontologist specializing in person-centered programs for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. As a trainer and program designer for close to 30 years, she has developed and operationalized programs for national companies representing both skilled nursing and assisted living levels of dementia care.

SMARTfit offers a variety of solutions tailored for independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, rehab and more. Dr. Rob Winningham, a leading neuroscientist and gerontologist was recently interviewed about the critical role executive functioning plays in maintaining independence, quality of life and extending healthspan as we grow older. Dr. Rob Willingham is a Professor and Chair of Psychology at Western Oregon University has wrote and held a number of discussions on memory and academic performance. and here is what he said about SMARTfit.

“The research also says that dual tasking improves executive function more than cognitive exercise or physical exercise alone. It can also save dollars. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that $12,000 per year were saved on average, in Memory Care facilities that just gave people the option of physical exercise.”

When used consistently SMARTfit can aid in fall prevention while also slowing/preventing the progression to MCI, Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. The New Brain-Body Screening Assessments and Training Programs are Designed to Help Reduce Fall Risk, Improve ADL Performance, and Slow or Prevent Cognitive Decline.

The first of its kind, SMARTfit is a high-tech, gamified piece of therapy equipment that assists in assessing and training memory, attention, processing speed, executive functioning, and language. It is designed to deliver a dual task,(brain and body) cost assessment and prescribed training to the bedside or private room of your patients or clients.

Don’t let your competition figure it out first.

Invest in your members and clients with SMARTfit. Senior and assisted living operators know they need Modern technology to stand out, but how do they measure its success? SMARTfit has you covered! We address the challenges and opportunities for you, with best in performance and built-in success metrics. Data provides evidence of a person’s condition as well as proof of progress. SMARTfit’s tests are quick and easy to administer and provide clear evidence-based progress reporting designed to reveal the effectiveness of all the training sessions.

This data provides evidence of a person’s condition as well as proof of progress, making it easy to show better outcomes with faster results. This is done by specifically focusing on evaluating the cognitive and physical skills that can be applied to real life. The tests also provide directions to recommended in-built SMARTfit programming designed to improve specific desired cognitive and physical outcomes.

SMARTfit creates a stimulating social and physical environment, that promotes overall good health. After using SMARTfit people feel like they are attaining high-quality, longer lives with less risk for preventable disease, disability due to falling and lower risk of injury. So, everyone feels like they are winning! Be one of the leading facilities to promote quality of life, cognitive fitness, healthy development, and healthy behaviors across all life stages by offering SMARTfit.

For assisted populations – extensive new gamified programming designed for people of all ages using wheelchairs, walkers, and other assisted devices. Build core, upper, and lower body strength while also exercising the brain to improve function and reduce fall risk.

New Baseline Dual Task Cost Test for assisted level individuals which recommends a wide variety of video-supported cognitive-physical exercise programs to improve identified weaknesses.

New exercises and programming dedicated to training individuals based on their MMSE score.

Simplification – SMARTfit, which offers more variety, depth, and levels of cognitive-physical exercise for all populations than any other solution, is now simpler to use and navigate than ever before. As an account owner, you can now hide any programming you are not using, so trainers, therapists, and end users focus only on relevant programs. Here is the link to learn how it works.

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