Our Customers

Have you been looking for that next program or piece of equipment that will:

  • Be used by everyone – regardless of age and ability
  • Provide instant feedback through motivating play
  • Delivers quick results – eliminating the learning curve
  • Improve retention
  • Create a fun & social environment – leading to building a community within

Now installed in 3300 facilities in 32 countries.

SMARTfit customers:

Health, Fitness & Wellness Clubs
SMARTfit™ is a perfect solution for health clubs as it attracts new demographics, boosts family memberships, promotes exciting new programming and increases retention. It is a great way to sell FUN back into fitness training while also producing rapid results and improved social interaction. SMARTfit’s™ early childhood options are a strong draw for children, allowing parents some valuable guilt-free time to dedicate to their own workout.

Family Fitness Facilities
SMARTfit™ is just plain FUN! The fact that it’s good for everyone is an added benefit that attracts kids and parents alike.

K-12 Schools
Now installed in over 1600 schools, SMARTfit™ provides an inclusive way to engage participation from all students who relate to SMARTfit as a technology game. Teachers see a rapid improvement in physical and cognitive performance as well as social skills as well as a reduction in aggressive behavior and out-of-school-suspensions. SMARTfit™ provides the space for all kids to acquire basic sports skills such as throwing, catching and timing, providing them the confidence to try playing sports.

Pre-Schools, Child/Day Care
SMARTfit’s™ action based play approach to exercise and learning has proven critical to early childhood development as it helps to stimulate the development of the entire neurological system. The advent of restrictive carry chairs for babies and the trend to encourage babies to sleep on their backs has resulted in a drop in stimulation in early development. Stem cells hold the potential for a healthy neurological system but require stimulation. SMARTfit™ is a powerful addition to early childcare as it provides stimulation and engagement for children to think and move. The music, auditory cues, tones and flashing targets displaying letters and numbers make it fun for kids to learn letters, words, numbers and tables. Click here for more details.

  • Applications – Play-based exercise, Social Development, Action-Based Learning, Sensory Processing & ASD, Behavioral Programming
  • Products & ProgramsSMARTfit™ Play Pods

Y’s, JCC’s, Kroc Centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, Park & Rec
Currently an integral part of over 400 programs, SMARTfit™ solutions are used for a wide variety of programs and populations to create healthier and more productive communities. They are especially popular with after-school programs, allowing kids to expend energy prior to settling down to homework.

Sports Performance Centers
SMARTfit™ excels in its ability to increase cognitive processing and physical conditioning, speed and agility. This is noticed in athletes’ ball control, placement, reaction skills and rapid application of strategy and technique under pressure.

Medical Fitness, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Vision Training
The concept of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis (the ability to re-grow and repair neurological pathways in the brain through stimulus), has evolved from hypothesis to accepted science. SMARTfit™ is now installed at over 100 facilities:

  • Applications – Visual and auditory processing and discrimination, visual motor integration, vestibular and proprioceptive input, cognitive training, fall prevention and rehabilitation, ocular motor training, stroke rehabilitation, all aspects of sensory processing skills, perceptual motor skills including visual and auditory processing and sequencing, balance and postural control. Games for sequencing, memory, and discrimination.
  • Products & Programs to look atSMARTfit™ Trainer Single and Mini, SMARTfit™ Performance Pods

Youth Fitness Facilities
Interactive multi-sensory fitness makes fitness more fun for kids of all ages and abilities. They don’t even realize they’re getting brain and body workout. Parents are thrilled. Facilities love our programming because it is versatile and includes multiple benefits of group exercise, which also increases return on investment.

Military Child, Youth and School Age Services
With products and programs in over 75 military locations worldwide, SMARTfit™ delivers the diversity needed to meet the needs of the entire base.

Military MWR, Readiness and Rehab
SMARTfit™ provides the concurrent physical and cognitive challenges applicable to a variety of military recreational, readiness, and rehab programs.