SMARTfit Academy Level 1 – Course 1: Getting to know SMARTfit

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If accessing the course via a phone or tablet, rotate the screen to a horizontal layout for the best viewing experience.

This course covers the basics of SMARTfit setup and operation. Understanding all of the capabilities of the system will give you the opportunity to maximize the benefit of SMARTfit to your clients or patients.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  1. Make decisions about how to setup and connect your SMARTfit system.
  2. Use the SMARTfit User Interface to setup and operate your system.
  3. Manage multiple sites within your organization.
  4. Use the grouping features in the SMARTfit User Interface to manage your organization.

This course is divided into three lessons and followed by a short quiz. Each lesson is made up of several topics, which you can view if you click the Expand button.


Click on the title of Lesson 1 to get started.

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