SMARTfit Academy Level 1 – Course 2: Facilitating Training

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This second course will demonstrate how to use SMARTfit activities and programs to train your clients. Without this knowledge, you will not be able to use your SMARTfit to its fullest potential.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  1. Understand how the components of the Home tab work together to create a seamless experience for clients
  2. Effectively use Game Categories to choose the best training for your clients
  3. Use the Play tab to create Activities and Programs
  4. Create and mange Group Training
  5. Use the options available in the Build tab to customize training for your clients

This course is divided into five lessons followed by a short quiz. Each lesson is made up of several topics, which you can view if you click the Expand button. Click on the title of Lesson 1 to get started.

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