Commons Club Members in Action on SMARTfit

Did you know The Commons Club is the only country club in the world with a “SMARTfit?” This fun new technology not only pushes your body, but it challenges your brain at the same time.

Adding cognitive engagement and training to workouts at the Commons Club was important for their active-aging members.  Since incorporating SMARTfit into their program, here’s what their members have to say…


“It’s my favorite thing in the gym.  It gives you agility, cardio, and fitness in every respect without realizing you’re working out.  There are math games, or doing the alphabet backwards where I really have to use my brain.  

“I think it’s wonderful that they have SMARTfit here.  It’s a great thing for people over 60 who should be exercising their brains as well as their bodies”  

“If you have a competitive bone in your body, you’re going to love this machine.  The computer saves your data so you can track your progress and compete against yourself [and others].” 

– Members of The Commons Club, Bonita Springs, Florida, March 2021

Commons Club members uses the SMARTfit to stay active

For Wellness or Rehab, SMARTfit measures and trains cognitive and motor performance simultaneously.  Connecting the brain with the body improves ADLs, reduces falls, and slows or prevents the onset of MCI, Dementia, and Parkinson’s.  It’s also a lot of FUN!

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