SMARTfit Games for Children with Sensory Processing Disorders

SMARTfit, a Great Fit for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

pricing buttonSMARTfit provides a play-based arena for delivering interventions to help individuals respond to information coming through the senses and enables practitioners to deliver sensory-motor activities that promote visual-motor integration, visual processing, tracking, discrimination, selective attention and focus.

optionsIntervention may include developmental activities, sensory integration or sensory processing and play activities.

SMARTfit offers these useful benefits for creating an engaging sensory space:

  1. Stimulates the ability to find a lighted response in a 360 degree environment, focus on it, respond to it, using webinarhands and feet and equipment
  2. Provides a diverse opportunity to integrate parts of the body such as hands, feet, ocular, auditory, vestibular and proprioceptive input
  3. Provides a 360 degree space to visually track, attend and respond to stimuli, which simulates real life
  4. Allows for the gradual introduction of sound input as the child develops the ability to process and tolerate various kinds of auditory input
  5. Facilitates play activities that instruct as well as aid in interacting and communicating with othersSPS Foundation 2
  6. Requires stop and start, to initiate finding the next target, scanning the environment and staying focused on it to complete the action
  7. Enhances the ability to stay focused, track and discriminate more effectively
  8. Gives instant positive success feedback with ease
  9. Teaches sequencing forwards and backwards with letters and numbers, and sorting a large visual field of shapes, numbers, letters, lights, colors
  10. Education of sorting colors, shapes, numbers, letters, sounds
  11. Group classes which offer interactive processing while allowing for individual attention, cooperation and success
  12. Provide somatosensory awareness, with right-left games the therapist can add in, vertical and horizontal movements of feet and hands
  13. Additional vestibular and proprioceptive input is easy to add with Bosu balls, mini trampolines, and weighted equipment

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How The SMARTfit™ Games Work

Targets are triggered by a hand, foot, ball, foam bat, bean bag, or hand weight, creating a unique and highly stimulating environment for producing rapid training in cognitive speed, neurological and physical fitness. With a range of specially designed games, targets displaying colors, numbers, letters or symbols and shapes, along with music, auditory queues, and tones that drive play while improving fitness, agility, balance, flexibility and overall strength.

  • The SMARTfit™ games take learning and exercise to an entertaining, play environment.
  • Action based education – Children learn the school entry curriculum while they exercise.
  • Develop the basic skills to play sports such as throwing and catching.
  • Active Kids are Happy Kids and kids learn best when they play!



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