Early Childhood Development & Education
through Multisensory Brain-Body Play

SMART Play Pods use cutting edge interactive target technology to create a unique multisensory learning, fitness and social experience for early childhood development and education.

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Engage young children with the fun, excitement and feedback of interactive technology combined with active group play and multisensory action-based learning.

#1 Rated in Enjoyment and Energy Expenditure (Archives of Pediatric Medicine)



  • Physical Development – Cardio, hand/foot/eye coordination, gross motor skills, functional skills, balance, speed, agility
  • Cognitive Development – Proprioception, focus, attention, visual, auditory & tactile-visual response, math & language skills, memory
  • Social & Behavioral Development – Fun, cooperation, inclusion, tolerance, competition, social skills, confidence, self esteem, self control
  • Hundreds of fun multisensory games and drills for child care, pre-school, elementary – ages 6 months to 11 years
  • Action-based learning for Common Core math and language skills using targets of different colors, shapes, letters, numbers, sounds
  • Measure heart rate by holding hand over targets
  • Designed for large or small classes in existing multi-purpose rooms or gyms
  • Choose wired or wireless targets (4-8 hours continuous use)