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Exercise and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

In 2016, Hallgren et al looked at the combination of exercise and cognitive-behavioral therapy in a study called Exercise and Internet-Based Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Depression. The aim of the study was to compare exercise and internet-based cognitive-behavioral therapy (ICBT) and usual care for depression. It is commonly known that exercise has many benefits from physical to […]

Basketball Dribble

Today’s Athletes: Brain or Brawn

In common culture, many assume athletes do not have book knowledge and good students are not athletic.  Often times, due to these societal barriers, athletes are lead to believe that school is too hard and bright students never pursue athletics. However, at the elite levels of sport, specifically the NFL there are many examples of […]

SMARTfit inc. and Hest Fitness partner to improve lives!

SMARTfit Inc. and Hest Fitness out of Corpus Christi, TX have partnered together to bring Texas the newest innovation in fitness systems. No matter what skill level or fitness level, all will enjoy SMARTfit systems. SMARTfit Trainers improves the mental AND physical fitness of anyone who uses them! By stressing the Cognitive in conjunction with […]

SMARTfit at University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute

SMARTfit at University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute The SMARTfit team has recently installed a SMARTfit Multi-Station system at the University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute. Nikhil Satchidanand PhD MS, and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University Research Institute will be researching the effects of SMARTfit exercises on geriatric patients with cognitive impairment and had […]

Gunnar Peterson, Signs Promotional Endorsement Deal with SMARTfit

World Renowned Celebrity Personal Trainer, Gunnar Peterson, Signs Promotional Endorsement Deal with SMARTfit

World Renowned Celebrity Personal Trainer, Gunnar Peterson, Signs Promotional Endorsement Deal with SMARTfit SMARTfit a Functional and Brain Fitness Training Product, has signed a two-year exclusive endorsement agreement with Gunnar Peterson in connection with the advertisement, promotion and sale of SMARTfit™ Products. SMARTfit Functional and Brain Fitness Training Games offer highly motivating scalable programming designed to produce rapid […]


SMARTfit Introduces Lawrence Jackson

SMARTfit introduces Lawrence Jackson, our new President and Director of Sciences SMARTfit Inc. is excited to announce that former Pro-NFL defensive end Lawrence Jackson is joining our team as our president and director of sciences! Lawrence brings a high level of experience to SMARTfit with his background in collegiate and professional sports. Lawrence played college […]

How SMARTfit Exercise Can Boost Young Brains

Exercise Can Boost Young Brains Twenty years ago I invented the first electronic target wall called Sportwall.  At the time, the only person who really understood what I had created was Billie Jean King who yelled with delight as she struck the first target with a ball which returned to her with the energy of […]

Functional Fitness and Brain Training Games – The Next Concept!

Neurons That Fire Together Wire Together (Nobel Prize winning Hebbian Theory) From the beginning of time, humans have been evolving, learning and achieving physical mastery in a multisensory environment. Yet, until the arrival of functional training, the fitness industry as spent the last 50 years breaking up the workout to focus into uni-planer movements and […]