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Preschool Kids Are Born to Move!

Preschool kids, ages 3 to 5 years, burst developmentally. Their vocabulary and language skills increase by leaps and bounds. Their social emotional awareness and sensitivity often surprises adults.  As their large muscles strengthen their small muscle use becomes more refined.  They begin to draw shapes and letters. They learn songs, and remember the lines of […]


Kids Respond Better to Fun Fitness

When it comes to developing good fitness habits, research has proven that the younger you start, the more likely you are to maintain healthy physical activity levels. That is why it is important to get young people on board with fitness as early as possible. Experts Say: According to the  Center for Disease Control and […]


Can Cognitive Training Combined with Physical Activity Improve Literacy?

Schools across the nation work tirelessly to ensure that students reach or exceed the national average for literacy. However, it’s no secret that some children struggle more with learning than others. It begs the question: Is there a better way to teach young people to read and comprehend? As cognitive learning gains more and more […]

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3 Ways that Kids Benefit from Cognitive Training

Cognitive training is an exciting, innovative concept that indicates that functions of the mind can be improved by consistent brain exercises. Consider it to be a similar concept as that of the body exercising to become more physically fit. By keeping the brain sharp, a person can develop better thinking and problem-solving techniques. While there […]

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Why is Keeping Children Physically Fit Good for Their Brains?

Henriette van Pragg and her colleagues at the Salk Institute, compared inactive mice with mice that ran an average of three miles a day.   According to their study, the active mice showed significant brain growth.  Additionally, the brain cells in the active mice showed an increased efficiency of communication between neurons. Why it works Exercise […]

SMARTfit and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America

SMARTfit and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America- Seattle’s Story

SMARTfit and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America- Seattle’s Story The SMARTfit team was deeply touched and inspired to receive this story from Ron Green, the Chief Executive Officer at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Tar River Region in North Carolina. Ron recently shared a story with us about how SMARTfit had impacted the […]

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SMARTfit Cognitive Training & Exercise Games – A Fitness Solution for the Other 77%

SMARTfit Cognitive Training & Exercise Games – A Fitness Solution for the Other 77% The figures are staggering. But not surprising.  Only 23% of Americans utilized a health club in 2014, meaning 77% of the population has little access to the proper tools for exercise. Just 29% of high school students exercise 60 minutes per […]

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SMARTfit Physical Education Makes P.E. Easy…for Students AND Staff

SMARTfit physical education systems provide answers to educators across the country looking for solutions to the escalating physical education crisis in schools. K-12 physical education programs across the country are changing rapidly, as budget cuts force thousands of schools to shorten PE classes, and in some cases eliminate physical education altogether.  While many may see these […]

The Boys and Girls Club of America and SMARTfit™

This week we caught up with Eden, NC Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Amy Nalley and spoke to her about how she’s integrated her SMARTfit Multi-Station Trainer into her facility.  In Eden, SMARTfit has been the perfect fit. “SMARTfit completely fits our model at Boys and Girls Clubs,” Amy said, ” We’re getting inquiries from clubs around […]

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Neuroplasticity, Tetris, and SMARTfit

SMARTfit brain games offer the next level to Tetris. This week, the World Science Festival posted a video on YouTube focusing on one of our favorite words here with SMARTfit Brain Games,  “Neuroplasticity.”  Neuroplasticity is the process in which the neuro pathways within your brain can “rewire” based on behavioral, environmental, and neural changes.  Simply put, the […]