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SMARTfit at University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute

SMARTfit at University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute The SMARTfit team has recently installed a SMARTfit Multi-Station system at the University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute. Nikhil Satchidanand PhD MS, and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University Research Institute will be researching the effects of SMARTfit exercises on geriatric patients with cognitive impairment and had […]

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The Boys and Girls Club of America and SMARTfit™

This week we caught up with Eden, NC Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Amy Nalley and spoke to her about how she’s integrated her SMARTfit Multi-Station Trainer into her facility.  In Eden, SMARTfit has been the perfect fit. “SMARTfit completely fits our model at Boys and Girls Clubs,” Amy said, ” We’re getting inquiries from clubs around […]

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SMARTfit Exergames – delight kids clubs in Santa Clarita

SMARTfit Exergames – delight kids clubs in Santa Clarita In today’s interconnected world, few things are more important than customer service.  Or as we like to say at SMARTfit, we focus on delivering “Customer Delight.” With our interconnected SMARTfit exergames technology, the delight of our customers is an incredibly high priority, and that means being […]

SMART’s Sensitive Side

You can adjust the sensitivity of the SMART stations based on how hard it will be struck during play.  This ensures the right balance between challenge and success for different purposes and demographic groups.  Sensitivity can be set from 1 to 100. Low values correspond to the gentlest anticipated hits, often young children, seniors and […]

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Welcome to the SMARTfit Neuro-cognitive Fitness Training Customer blog. Here we will be sharing the latest games, updates and other tidbits for getting the most out of your SMARTfit systems. So joins us here, on social media or add your email to be the first to know about new workouts, products, training tip and don’t […]