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Can Cognitive Training Help People Avoid Dementia?

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) has updated the care terms for individuals who suffer with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Dementia.  The panel has changed their approach after considering recent studies that are published in the evidence-based journal, Neurology. Essentially, the studies indicate that there is no significant advantage to increases of medication, but […]

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Do Your Aging Brain a Favor: Be Active!

One of the greatest concerns about the aging process is the decline in memory and cognitive processing. Numerous studies have explored the role of physical activity in decreasing the potential for various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease. Promotion of healthy outcomes for the aging brain (Merzenich, 2012) requires a comprehensive approach that blends physical […]

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Try This to Prevent Cognitive Decline

Four steps— Challenging Your Brain, Socializing, Consistent exercise, and a Healthy Diet—can improve your mental skills, as you age. Several research studies have concluded that routine physical activity, a healthy diet, being mentally challenged, and solid social connections will assist you in keeping a healthy mind. The most impressive and latest research goes one step […]

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Brain Exercises for Aging Adults

Brain exercises are critical to sustaining brain function, as well as keeping synapses firing and aging minds sharp. Seniors can boost their brain power by playing various mind games which enhance memory, stimulate learning processes, and assist in preventing stagnation and boredom. Imagine Did you know that just using your imagination can exercise your brain? […]

SMARTfit Cognitive Training & Exercise Games – A Fitness Solution for the Other 77%

SMARTfit Cognitive Training & Exercise Games – A Fitness Solution for the Other 77% The figures are staggering. But not surprising.  Only 23% of Americans utilized a health club in 2014, meaning 77% of the population has little access to the proper tools for exercise. Just 29% of high school students exercise 60 minutes per […]

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Neuroplasticity, Tetris, and SMARTfit

SMARTfit brain games offer the next level to Tetris. This week, the World Science Festival posted a video on YouTube focusing on one of our favorite words here with SMARTfit Brain Games,  “Neuroplasticity.”  Neuroplasticity is the process in which the neuro pathways within your brain can “rewire” based on behavioral, environmental, and neural changes.  Simply put, the […]

Where is the “Boom” in Boomer Fitness?

SMARTfit Fitness Training for Baby Boomers – High Intensity Interval Training Delivered with a Twist of Cognitive Training SMARTfit Fitness Solutions for Baby Boomers combines brain fitness training with high intensity interval training in classes packed with high levels of social engagement. According to the US Census Bureau, there are nearly 75 million Baby Boomers […]