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Brain Training’s Effect on Memory and Dementia

  Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia can be some of the most heartbreaking trials that we can go through as human beings. The confusion, the frustration, the loss of control and the disappointed faces of loved ones as the sufferer forgets their cherished memories.  But, there is hope in brain trainings effect on memory and dementia […]

The Effects of HIIT on the Protein, BDNF

The Effects of HIIT on the Protein, BDNF HIIT Training

We’re all convinced that high intensity interval training (HIIT) benefits our bodies but now there is an overwhelming amount of data supporting the theory that the longevity of our brains’ health also benefits from the effects of HIIT.  This is due to a protein found in the brain and spinal cord called BDNF. What is […]

Could Cognitive Training Help People With ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is characterized as a prolonged pattern of impulsiveness and hyperactivity. Specifically, individuals with ADHD have difficulty focusing or transitioning from one task to another. Because cognitive training improves various cognitive functions, it begs the question on whether not cognitive training could help individuals who live with ADHD. It’s no secret […]

Do Your Aging Brain a Favor: Be Active!

Do Your Aging Brain a Favor: Be Active! Aging Brain

One of the greatest concerns about the aging process is the decline in memory and cognitive processing. Numerous studies have explored the role of physical activity in decreasing the potential for various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease. Promotion of healthy outcomes for the aging brain (Merzenich, 2012) requires a comprehensive approach that blends physical […]

Types of Exercises that Help Alleviate Depression

Types of Exercises that Help Alleviate Depression

Scientific evidence shows that consistent aerobic and anaerobic exercise can help in prevent and/or alleviate depression. According to studies from the Archives of Internal Medicine and Harvard Medical School, “the effects of regular exercise can last longer than antidepressant medications”. In this article, we will be highlighting different types of physical activities that can be […]

Effects of Exercise on Depression

Effects of Exercise on Depression depression

Depression is a disorder that, according to The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), affects 16 million people in the United States. People with this condition experience fatigue, insomnia, lack of motivation, memory loss, hypersomnia, fluctuation in body weight. Some doctors are quick to prescribe medication for depression, with which can come with expensive and […]

Bend Your Body and Build Your Brain

Bend Your Body and Build Your Brain

Yoga is one of the few exercises that is applicable to a wide variety of the population. The principles behind yoga can be beneficial for both fitness and rehabilitation. With easy access to yoga instruction at health clubs and even online yoga has become a popular method of enhancing health. One of the best parts […]

3 Ways that Kids Benefit from Cognitive Training

3 Ways that Kids Benefit from Cognitive Training

Cognitive training is an exciting, innovative concept that indicates that functions of the mind can be improved by consistent brain exercises. Consider it to be a similar concept as that of the body exercising to become more physically fit. By keeping the brain sharp, a person can develop better thinking and problem-solving techniques. While there […]

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