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The Brain Drain of Procrastination

  The reality is, procrastination may be holding us back more than we realize.  When it comes to certain mundane or challenging responsibilities in life, such as difficult projects at work, studying for an exam, folding the laundry or going to the gym, procrastination is easy to do. Procrastination stems from the desire to avoid […]


How Exercise Impacts Kids with ADHD

  Most people agree that exercising is good for the body, but what are the real benefits for the mind? One study titled, Effects of the FITKids Randomized Controlled Trial on Executive Control and Brain Function takes a look at how exercise can actually diminish the symptoms of ADHD. To truly appreciate this finding, one […]

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Boosting Brain Power

Improving memory, reaction times, decision making skills, and avoiding dementia are things that we can all get excited about. Thankfully, there are several easy techniques for boosting brain power, which will help to achieve your brain health goals! Tips for boosting brain power that everyone can engage in: Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eating the […]

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Top Childcare Centers Implementing Brain Training Games

Childcare centers play an important role in helping children develop socially, cognitively, and emotionally.  Many top childcare centers are helping children to build solid foundations by implementing brain training games into their core curriculum. Many childcare centers and child development specialists, are beginning to look at various ways to include brain training exercises into their […]

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Brain Training Enhancing Athletic Performance

When it comes to the world of athletes there is a lot of tough competition out there. That being said, using specially designed, brain training drills goes a long way towards rising above the crowd. Top coaches, team managers, and personal trainers are giving their athletes a competitive edge by incorporating this beneficial training strategy […]


5 Things to Know About Brain Training

 There are many people who are hearing the term “brain training” today, yet may not be aware of what it is and how they can use it. The science behind it has prompted many people to start incorporating it into their routines, including healthcare, wellness and education professionals. From personal trainers and early education providers […]


Stop Damaging Your Brain

Caring for your brain means you must stop damaging it. This means taking active steps to avoid habits that are not beneficial to your brain. And are actually damaging your brain.  There are a lot of actions we take each day that are more destructive to our brains than we realize. Top 4 Habits That […]

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Nerve Damage Remedies

Overview of the Nervous System The nervous system consists of the central nervous system (CNS- brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS- cranial and spinal nerves).  Nerve cells receive and send messages to and from the brain via nerve pathways.  A loss of nerve function can result from nerve damage due to […]