Beyond Yoga: Elevating Mind-Body Exercise to Battle Cognitive Decline

“Combining physical activity with cognitive training yields better results than either alone. Here’s what you can do.”

We’re pleased to share highlights from this fascinating and educational article in  Author Rashelle Brown explores the history and science of efforts to slow the aging process by combining physical with cognitive training. She takes us through the evolution of this proven concept, from traditional “mind-body” exercises like Yoga to emerging “mind+body” solutions including SMARTfit.

“Physical activity and cognitive training are two lifestyle factors that have been widely studied, with each showing a degree of benefit” writes Brown. “More recently, however, scientists, and a few entrepreneurs, have been combining the two in hopes of achieving better outcomes. In this article, we take a look at that science — and the emerging technology it is spawning.

Dr. Esther Karssemeijer, who wrote her PhD thesis on the topic of combined physical and cognitive exercise at Radboud University, Netherlands noted that doing physical activity at the same time as performing cognitive tasks, known in the research as “simultaneous” training, seems to be more effective than doing physical activity right before or after a session of cognitive training, known as “sequential” training.” 

Brown continues by explaining simultaneous training and its benefits…

“Yoga is often thought of as “mind-body” exercise: an activity that seeks to bring the mind and body into harmony through movement and breath. That can be fantastic for reducing stress and improving focus, all while creating a little movement and improving flexibility.

However, the simultaneous training being studied by brain scientists is more like “mind+body” exercise: two different activities done at once, each requiring a different type of focus and attention.

It’s this “dual-task” training that appears to confer the greater benefits. By way of example, here are three companies that have created products or services based on the simultaneous training concept.”

SMARTfit is one of several “beyond Yoga” examples Brown features in the article:

“In Camarillo, California, Cathi Lamberti, a former schoolteacher turned entrepreneur, has come up with a very different approach to simultaneous training. SmartFit is an electronic gaming system Lamberti described as “a 360-degree cognitive gym that you respond to with your decision-making brain.” The system can be configured in countless different ways, making it accessible to people with a wide variety of physical abilities.”

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