Note: Regarding any references to Sportwall* below, SMART’s exciting new technology offers a replacement for Sportwall technology. It is compatible with Sportwall systems including Sportwall XerTrainer, XerPro, XerPlay, and Group Training Stations.

“I am listening to our students in the interactive fitness room with *Sportwall and electronic dance and its just awesome!!!!! I can’t tell you how well they’re doing with it!!! Just wanted to let you know again how much we love this stuff!!!”
Andre Deuser,
John F. Kennedy High School/Middle School, NY


“When comparing enjoyment of the various exergames, children with higher BMIs enjoyed *Sportwall to a greater extent.”
Bruce W. Bailey, PhD;
Kyle McInnis, ScD,
A Comparison of the Energy Cost of 6 Forms of Exergaming, published in The Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, 2011Bruce W. Bailey, PhD; Kyle McInnis, ScD,
A Comparison of the Energy Cost of 6 Forms of Exergaming, published in The Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, 2011


“The *Sportwall XerPro is like a giant Nintendo Wii, but it’s not simulated activity – you actually have to throw the ball at the target and catch the ball coming back. It works great for the little kids, but it also starts building into sports elements – speed, agility, change of direction – so it can also be used for training top-level athletes.”
Ken Karwoski
Worthington YMCA, MN


“We’ve been convinced for some time that interactive fitness is the future when it comes to exercise for children, and our members’ excitement hasn’t diminished since we installed our interactive gym more than a year ago.”
Phil Storey, CEO
Pendle Leisure Trust (program includes *Sportwall XerTrainer and  multiplayer dance)


“As an elementary PE teacher who has undergone the rigorous challenges of National Board Certification, Sportwall* offers a wide variety of activities to teach skills, introduce movement concepts (force, opposition, transfer of weight) and provide learning activities that address respect, diversity, cooperation and teamwork. Its use of multi-sensory stimulation (sight, sound, hearing) to motivate students provides physical activities that positively affect academic brain based learning and makes learning fun.”
Todd Keating, P.E. Teacher
River Woods Elementary School


“The key to attaining the highest level of sports performance is neurological efficiency. SMART* ProTrainer offers a unique multisensory training experience that engages the brain as well as the body, challenging the athlete to raise their level of play and helping them achieve more consistent ‘in the zone’ performance.”
Billie Jean King, Winner of 20 Wimbledon Titles


“With the scary rise in childhood obesity, it is necessary for fitness centers to start incorporating children’s fitness components such as *Sportwall to get kids active! At Cooper Aerobics Center at Craig Ranch, we are excited to feature the *Sportwall in our brand new, state of the art facility and to be able to offer this new technology to children.”
Jennifer Pell, Youth Program Coordinator
Cooper Aerobics Center at Craig Ranch


“Kids love this equipment and have so much fun they don’t even realize how much exercise they are doing. I give *Sportwall my highest recommendation and commend the designers/developers of this cutting-edge equipment for new hope in the fight against childhood inactivity/obesity.”
Wayne L. Wescott, PhD., CSCS Fitness Research Director
South Shore YMCA


“Our *Sportwall adds a whole new dimension with unlimited possibilities for skills and fitness development. It is very easy to operate and its benefits are limited only by the user’s creativity. It is well received by elementary students of all ages and levels of skill. Most noticeable was that the less skilled participants got the most encouragement from their team members and showed the most improvement in both skills and attitude. It definitely improved their self esteem and motivated them to work hard and do their best.”
Karen Perry-Kaplan, P.E. Specialist
Schofield Elementary School


“*Sportwall has been a great addition to our facility. As a matter of fact, we have added and developed many games and activities to the ones you provide in your manual. The Sportwall is what makes Kids HealthClub.com different from all other facilities that provide youth fitness. Our staff and I feel that it has made us a standout in the new youth fitness industry.”
Vernard Alsberry Jr. PTA, MPA
KidsHealthClub.com, CALM, INC
Physical Therapy & Care Management Services


“What I particularly like about *Sportwall is the enthusiastic and sustained interest it generates from kids who traditionally don’t achieve high levels of daily physical activity and exceed their recommended body weight. With this product, all kids can be successful regardless of their beginning fitness level.”
Kyle J. McInnis, Sc.D., FACSM
International expert and leading researcher in exercise science and fitness from the University of Massachusetts, Boston


“We integrated *Sportwall into all of our YMCA Interactive Zones to help foster Youth, Teen, and Family fun with fitness related activities. *Sportwall has provided us with a variety of opportunities to serve all ages and abilities in a fun, non-intimidating environment.”
Tom Flynn, District Vice President
YMCA of South Hampton Roads


Physical education is in need of a makeover, adapted to the children of this generation. I feel you developed the perfect material to create that lost intrinsic motivation again and help kids fall in love with movement and  exercise.

Dylan Ortega, PE Teacher.


“… *Sportwall is Physical Education and Athletics’ answer and cure to student inactivity due to extended time spent on video games and computers. *Sportwall has all “the bells and whistles” that captures students’ attention and encourages them to actively and vigorously participate.”
Ken Garry, Director of Physical Education and Athletics
Monticello Central School District


“We are committed to providing an exciting, fun and effective fitness program for the children of our club, and the *Sportwall has become a fun and effective fitness tool for all age groups in our club.”
Larry Conner, General Manager
Francos Athletic Club


“We currently have approximately 100 kids per day using the *Sportwall and having a great deal of fun.”
Cliff Buchholz, Owner
Miramont Lifestyle Fitness