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SMARTfit Test – A Success at Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy

SMARTfit Physical Therapy Programs a Success at Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy  Recently, Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy installed the SMARTfit Trainer and found the technology ‘incredible.’ “The unit allows for training the spectrum of patients at our facility. Our Physical Therapists use the SMARTfit for high level performance training of our athletes ranging from high […]

Kindergartens Ringing the Bell for Play Inside the Classroom

By MOTOKO RICH JUNE 9, 2015 PASADENA, Md. — Mucking around with sand and water. Playing Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders. Cooking pretend meals in a child-size kitchen. Dancing on the rug, building with blocks and painting on easels. Call it Kindergarten 2.0. Concerned that kindergarten has become overly academic in recent years, this […]

Exercise helps the body, but the brain may benefit the most

SMARTfit Exercise for the Brain and Body Exercise helps the body, but the brain may benefit the brain most. Exercise tones the legs, builds bigger biceps and strengthens the heart. But of all the body parts that benefit from a good workout, the brain may be the winner. Physical fitness directly affects our mind and […]

NYTimes: Finding the Right Balance

SMARTfit Multisensory Fitness Improves Balance and Coordination SundayReview | OPINION Finding the Right Balance By ALEX HUTCHINSON JUNE 6, 2015 WE all fall down. But while a tumble for a toddler is a learning experience, and a stumble for an adult is usually just embarrassing, for older people it can be a serious, even fatal, […]

Three Amazing Effects of Exercise on the Brain

1. Neuroplasticity and brain regeneration. Exercise helps brains not only resist decline as we age, but actually promote neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the process where your brain adapts and repairs neural connections. This is important for all age groups and abilities and it is never to late to start. A quote from one of our favorites, […]

SMARTfit Exergames Brain and Body Training a winner at Westport Public School Installs

SMARTfit Exergames Brain and Body Training We received some excited tweets from @WstprtWellness today as they were eagerly anticipating the installs of their Multisensory Fitness Equipment. Finished product at CMS! Pics of the SMART Trainers in action asap…. @SMARTbrainbody #PEP #wstprtwellness — Westport Wellness (@WstprtWellness) January 14, 2015 Install complete! Looking fwd to training […]

“Embodied Cognition” – New Math Curriculum

With the White House holding a summit on early childhood education this week one study that is getting some press coverage caught our attention. Research group MDRC is conducting a study funded by the Robin Hood Foundation to test whether stronger math teaching can make all the difference for young kids. The test sites are […]

SMARTfit Technology featured on is the first independent portal dedicated to the global fitness gaming market and has featured SMART Technology in a recent review. They have an extensive site featuring a growing number of reviews of different equipment options and providers and we are pleased they have taken the time to review Multisensory Fitness equipment and […]