Australia’s First Facility to Use SMARTfit is Improving Lives

Royal Rehab Private Hospital, Australia’s leading provider of rehabilitation & disability support services is the first rehab facility in Australia to use SMARTfit, and they are breaking ground with the SMARTfit Mini.

Beshara, a 78-year-old client at Royal Rehab, was experiencing a decline in his health due to aging. He was finding it increasingly difficult to carry out daily activities such as grocery shopping, laundry, and showering.

His general practitioner recommended he start a reconditioning program, in addition to Beshara’s goal to increase his independence. This is when Royal Rehab Private Hospital stepped in and put Beshara on an exercise program for seniors using the SMARTfit Mini.

Not only is Bashara benefiting from squatting, bending, and reaching over his head, he is also improving his mobility and motor-skills too, all while having fun while doing it. Bashara’s exercise program has truly been amplified by SMARTfit’s gamification technology.

Beshara says, “Exercise with SMARTfit Mini is actually enjoyable and it actually makes me have to think quickly and be alert.”

Exercise with the SMARTfit truly is fun and engaging and since using SMARTfit, Beshara has increased endurance levels and made significant progress toward his goals.

Nikki, an Occupational Therapist, says, “Throughout the program, Beshara has made significant progress towards his goals. In addition, he has improved his endurance level.”

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