Are you a CEO? Take the Pledge. Ours did.

All of us at SMARTfit are committed to battling inactivity in the United States, and are highly aware of the steps that can be taken by us all every day to live a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle as a society.

One way to battle inactivity  is obviously to engage daily with a SMARTfit system!  That said, our desire to see Americans live a more active lifestyle goes well beyond our product, and that’s why we have joined the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity in their “CEO Pledge.”

Dr. Jack Groppel, National Spokesperson for the CEO Pledge for Physical Activity, has asked CEOs to take the following pledge;

“For the betterment of my company, our employees, their families, and our country, I pledge to improve employee health and wellness by providing opportunities and resources for physical activity before, during or after the workday, and to enhance my own health and wellness by engaging in regular physical activity.”

Our CEO, Cathi Lamberti, took the pledge.  If you’re a CEO, take the pledge and encourage your employees to love more active lives.  Over time, this can dramatically lower everyone’s health care costs and expand productivity in the work place as employees discover greater natural energy.

So follow this link, AND TAKE THE PLEDGE!

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