APMI Wellness Center Uses SMARTfit for Competitive Sports Training and Rehab

“I love SMARTfit! One of my clients who suffers from Subarachnoid Hemorrhage finds that SMARTfit offers the required challenge, while also being a lot of fun.”

APMI Wellness Center, a leading aesthetics and wellness practice situated in Chevy Chase, MD has been using SMARTfit since early 2019. Certified personal trainer Melissa Phillips, offers personal and group training using the practice’s facility where SMARTfit is one of her favorite pieces of equipment.

“I love SMARTfit! I am sharing with you the story of one of my clients who suffered from Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.  She lost some of her memory and cognitive thinking.  The SMARTfit short-term memory games using the different colors, shapes, numbers, etc. has helped her processing skills.  Her memory is being challenged so her brain is working hard to process the locations of the hidden colors, shaped, etc. quickly.

My client has mentioned the SMARTfit to be very taxing on her memory skills in regards to frustration with her speed process because of her lack of memory.  She finds the SMARTfit fun, but very challenging.  The frustration takes over, but she knows it’s good for her to practice so she continues to use the various games.  She is always willing to try new games to see if she is better at one game than the other.  As she plays the game more and more she advances to a higher score,  but then the brain gets tired and she succumbs.

APMI Wellness Center Uses SMARTfit

Another client has uses the SMARTfit to warm up for her tennis matches to get her mentally and physically ready for play.  She gets on the court and feels more prepared than her opponents.   The tennis player uses it to get her feet and mind working together simultaneously as she would on the court.  She works on her deep lunges by only using the bottom half lights.  I make her use various fast feet footwork while she is tapping out the lights so she keeps her feet moving continuously as on the court.

My squash player is young only 14 and uses more as a competitor in that he wants to constantly improve his score.  Always trying to get better.  He’s more dynamic with the SMARTfit in that he moves his whole body around in all directions to tap it the lights.  Jumping, side to side, squatting, etc.  He can generally play the game for a good 20 minutes or more if I allowed it.  But other work needs to get done.

Thanks so much, we love the machine. ”

APMI Wellness Center
5454 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 1600 & 1675
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Phone: 240-284-0774

Email: info@apmiwellness.com

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