Active Brains Equal Healthy Neurons

active and non active brain

As we get older, so do the neurons in our brains. Why is this so important? Neurons are the primary components of the central nervous system (CNS), which include the brain and spinal cord. Neurons receive information through electrical and chemical reactions and send information throughout the CNS. For example, if you burn for your finger lighting a candle, neurons send stimuli to your CNS, which then send a signal to your descending neurons, stimulating your hand to pull away, immediately.

Science Says

Although our CNS ages, science proves that we can do something about it!

Both physical and mental exercise have been scientifically shown to

  • Support neurogenesis (the production of new neurons in the brain), specifically in the hippocampus (the part of our brains that is responsible for acquiring and processing information). Studies performed by the National Institute on Aging have shown that neurogenesis helps our brains compensate for the previous loss of neurons that have occurred through aging, traumatic injury or disease.
  • Protect the brain from damage or age-related deficiencies. Studies published by the Global Council of Brain Health in the 2017 article titled ‘Engage Your Brain: GCBH Recommendations on Cognitively Stimulating Activities’ suggest we can protect our brain over time. By providing our brains with cognitive stimulating activities such as “mental challenges, mind teasers, games, education and learning, using your brain, discovery, intellectual stimulation”, we can provide our brains with a cognitive reserve, or the mind’s resistance to damage.

How to Keep Neurons Healthy – Choices

When we choose a life of physical inactivity and avoid using our brainpower, we are failing our neurons. In turn, choosing to stay both physically active through enjoyable exercise and challenging our minds can keep our brains sharp, proficient and thriving.

Further Reading: Combine Brain Training with Physical Development for Cognitive Development.

The benefits of SMARTfit’s technology are remarkable. Our technology is easy to use and is a very efficient way to supply both the mental and physical exercise that encourage healthy neurons and support neurogenesis. SMARTfit systems allow the participant to perform cognitive stimulating activities, while simultaneously engaging in physical activities such as core stabilization.  SMARTfit is truly enhancing the brain-body connection, one neuron at a time.   

To find out more please contact us at 1-800-900-8542 x 110

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