About SMARTfit

SMARTfit Incorporated is dedicated to creating solutions and programming based on the 2011 Nobel Prize winning Hebbian Theory which proves that neurons that fire together will wire together.  Today it is accepted science that brain plasticity and neurogenesis is accellerated and made more permanent when individuals engage in simultaneous cognitive and motor skills learning which is now well recognized as Dual Tasking in the world of physical therapy. 

It is our belief that in addition to rehab, Dual Tasking will soon be recognized as the most efficient way to exercise  and learn and SMARTfit solutions will lead the way with this cutting edge approach to human development.

SMARTfit Technology sets up cognitive motor exercise and learning conditions with the creation of its own proprietary OS supported by various models of equipment designed to deliver training programs for all markets and all populations.  It has has the power and speed to match, measure and challenge the fastest athlete yet is adaptable for most neuro and orthopedic rehab patients, youth and older adult fitness training programs.  SMARTfit OS consists of the following four components

  1. The SMARTfit Controller: manages engagement through gamification which is set up with a time clock, sound system and scoreboard. It is capable of processing speed sufficient to match and exceed the fastest human motor performance.
  2. Target Screens: Up to 128 LED touch sensitized target screens are capable of working together by displaying a wide variety of visual cues with which the player interacts by performing physical, motor and cognitive tasks. 
  3. Sensing System: is capable of adjusting to the tactile range of light to heavy contact and is useful in training proprioception and measuring the visual-cognitive-motor responses of participants.  It also trains individuals to manage and apply the appropriate use of power at contact and is capable of identifying accuracy, placement and ball control when employed in sports, sports rehab or fitness training environments.
  4. User Interface: Operators interact with the equipment via SMARTfit’s iOS/Android user-friendly interface. Here they can set up clients, select, design and input personalized programs, run the equipment, measure progress and generate baseline and progress reports. 
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