SMARTfit Incorporated - A Leader In Gamified Dual Task Training Technology

SMARTfit Inc., based in Ventura, California, was formed in 2013 to develop a technology platform to produce breakthroughs in human performance training at every level. The plan was to create a controllable method of delivering external cognitive-motor commands, known as dual tasking, to engage participants in delivering simultaneous physical and cognitive responses that would simulate real life. 

As a result, the Company has developed a revolutionary evidence-based human performance technology focused on training and tracking cognitive and physical performance when performed together, providing a long sought-after solution applicable to rehabilitation, performance training, prevention/retention training of older adults as well as active learning for youth.

In order for the technology to simulate every level of physical and cognitive engagement, the company developed its own proprietary operating system focusing on high speed communication between a controller and its multiple touch points. In addition, this controller and its sub-computers/touch points was developed to interact with an Apple/Android app to facilitate easy access and use by its users.

Concurrently, the Company embarked on designing a line of training equipment that would meet the needs of all user, from neuro-rehabilitation to high performance sports and tactical training.

SMARTfit Technology Focus

SMARTfit’s proprietary operating system is capable of delivering a wide spectrum of training protocols for almost any population, and provide evidence-led assessments, training and treatment strategies to address a full spectrum of cognitive-motor conditions. SMARTfit is currently working with leading experts and key opinion leaders to complete clinical trials and to develop new protocols focusing on mitigating or rehabilitating a broad range of neurological conditions, including Stroke, Parkinson’s, concussion, pediatric development, mild cognitive impairment, and more.

SMARTfit’s gamified technology delivers the world’s first baseline assessment of cognitive capabilities while the body is moving.   Our Neuro-Cognitive Gym delivers both preventative and rehabilitative solutions to human performance and brain-body fitness for all populations by training the brain and body to work more effectively together.

SMARTfit’s Gamified Training Addresses Each Domain of the Brain While Focusing Primerily on Executive Function Which is Scientifically Proven to Provide the Highest Levels of Transferrence to Activities That have Never Been Trained.

SMARTfit Platform Explained

SMARTfit Technology

SMARTfit’s 360 degree Interactive Training Arena delivers predesigned cognitive-motor exercises and learning programming that can be fine-tuned to meet the exact development needs of each person regardless of age or ability. 

It has has the power and speed to match, measure and challenge the fastest athlete yet is adaptable for most neuro and orthopedic rehab patients, youth and older adult brain health training programs.  SMARTfit OS consists of the following four components:

SMARTfit Classified as a Fitness Device

SMARTfit is classified as a fitness device rather than a medical device for the following reasons: 

Activities chosen from the SMARTfit list of activities and programs rely on the trainer/therapist to decide which of them is appropriate and suitable for their clients.

Simply putting it, as in the case of using a treadmill or weight machine, a trainer/therapist needs to know whether the equipment, it’s user options or programs are suitable for the client before use.  Further, knowing the client’s capability will be essential to how the treadmill or weight machine is used.

However, SMARTfit is a non-invasive fitness device so it is not going to put the person at risk as a treadmill or weight machine would. That said, the trainer still needs to know whether the client should be doing seated only program, standing programs or moving programs.

SMARTfit incorporates programming and activities for all levels of ability but the trainer/therapist must assess their client and decide which ones are a suitable match for the client.

Since SMARTfit is NOT a medical device, it will never diagnose and treat people. Rather, it is a tool for the trainer/therapist to use to train their clients. For this reason, there is no need for risk assessment as you would normally find with a medical device.

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