A Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving

Last month we received this message from the PEP Grant Manager for the Queensbury School District:

“I have to say, as a PEP Grant Manager, Multisensory Fitness is the best company to work with BY FAR!!”

This is the reaction we want from everyone we work with!

We have worked with over 500 PEP Grant winners and support these applications from start to finish. We are very thankful that we get to work with engaged schools and help children of all abilities to get active and healthy.

This is very rewarding, we want to say thank you to to all our suppliers, buyers and the users of SMART Technology – We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.

Thank you,

The Multisensory Fitness Team.

. . . . . But after all that turkey make sure you pay your local Multisensory Fitness equipment a visit! Why not get some friends together and try out our small group training drills. You can download the small group training manual for some ideas.

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