SMARTfit™ Games – Next Generation Exergames Promotes Fitness and Learning

SMARTfit Games promote fitness and learning

Inactivity and obesity are the driving forces behind the concern that our youth will not meet the life expectancy of their parents.  Video games, especially among youths, are part of the problem.

SMARTfit™ Games, the next generation of exergames, attract youths like a modern video game, while facilitating fitness and learning unlike anything on the market. These systems are available in multiple configurations designed to fit into any fitness or learning program and offer a fun and engaging activity to child and youth care.  Regardless of the size of the group or availability of space, there is a SMARTfit Games option that can revitalize kids and help them to blast off excess energy in a safe space using minimal staff.

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Simply put, SMARTfit’s version of exergames doesn’t simulate play or utilize virtual reality.  SMARTfit™ Games are, reality.  SMARTfit™ Games engage players with a multisensory experience using real sports or play equipment, builds real motor skills and keeps them coming back for more.

SMARTfit Games offers programming for everyone at your facility, while our inclusive programming helps break social boundaries by building teamwork and establishing greater social integration by giving everyone a chance to play.

SMARTfit Games lessen the burden on staff and help automate fitness practices while providing significant savings on operating staff costs, as one individual can manage a class of 30+ people.

Now, SMARTfit we are excited to announce we’ve secured funding for generous matching grants for 10 non-profit YMCAs and Community Centers across the country as part of this new pilot program. These grants, which could be as much as $10,000, will be issued on a first-come-first serve basis, and will give any facility revolutionary technology that benefits both the member, and your business.early childhood

Contact us to schedule an obligation-free webinar, and apply for a matching grant that could cover a substantial part of the purchase price.  Then, we’ll provide the tools to raise the balance.

Start now by emailing Cathi at to schedule a webinar and fill out the grant application form at

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