4 Easy Ways to Start a Brain-Body Performance Program

Starting a measurable brain-body performance program at your facility may be easier and more cost-effective than you think. For as little as $4,995, begin with one of these engaging options or combine them for a more comprehensive performance, rehab, or learning program for any age and ability.

Turn a Rack or Treadmill into an incredible brain-body workout with SMARTfit Strike Pods.

Learn more at https://smartfitinc.com/fitness/smartfit-strike-pods

Assess baseline dual-task & cognitive performance and measure progress with the SMARTfit Mini. 

Learn more at https://smartfitinc.com/fitness/smartfit-mini-high-impact/

Engage large groups and teams, add fun competition with the SMARTfit ProTrainer.

Learn more at https://smartfitinc.com/fitness/smartfit-pro-trainer/

For sports and tactical performance, try the SMARTfit Single Trainer.

Learn more at https://smartfitinc.com/fitness/smartfit-trainer/

SMARTfit is DIFFERENT, with gamified neuro-functional training and rehab solutions that engage the brain at much higher levels than simpler speed and agility systems.

Over 3000 video-supported games, activities, and programs challenge the brain to think, stay focused, learn, and make decisions while moving. Studies show that this dual-task training transfers to real life faster and more effectively.

Listen to the experts talk about the SMARTfit Difference HERE.

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