3 Ways that Kids Benefit from Cognitive Training

Cognitive training is an exciting, innovative concept that indicates that functions of the mind can be improved by consistent brain exercises. Consider it to be a similar concept as that of the body exercising to become more physically fit. By keeping the brain sharp, a person can develop better thinking and problem-solving techniques.

While there are many benefits for older people, an especially groundbreaking area of cognitive training centers on the brain development of children. When kids start training their brains at an earlier stage they can enhance their entire life. While virtually any person can benefit from cognitive training, three core areas are especially beneficial for kids.

Expands Working Memory

Some children naturally have a low working memory simply because they never developed the proper skills to prolong their short and long-term memories. In some instance, ADHD or children with learning disabilities may have other limitations that make it difficult for them to recall various forms of information. Cognitive training works to improve multiple levels of memory.  Exercises that help develop underlying reading or language skills simultaneously assist children with memory recall, as well.

Solves Attention Issues

Across the board, many children have a difficult time paying attention or shifting from one topic to the next. Cognitive training helps kids focus on tasks and transition quickly from one activity to the next in an engaging and fun way. While children may feel like they are simply working through a puzzle or solving a problem, what they are actually doing is teaching their brain to take in information faster and switch their attention more fluidly.

Improves Information Retention

Another layer of cognitive training is the overall improvement of information retention. Schools across the nation see a decline in information retention when a child leaves school for a period, such as during summer break. It can take a considerable amount of time to get a child up to speed from one year to the next. Cognitive training can improve a child’s ability to recall information and use that information in an appropriate context.  Summer programs and kids clubs are excellent opportunities for kids to keep up to speed with cognitive training.

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