SMARTfit Brain Health Programs

Brain Health Fitness & Neuromotor Rehab Programs Designed to Enhance Cognitive-Motor Function

SMARTfit Brain Health Programs offer rehab and fitness facilities a fast track to significantly enhancing mental and physical performance for individuals of all levels and ability. This is achieved by engaging the brain using gamification coupled with a technique known as dual-tasking: the simultaneous combining of cognitive and motor tasks. This coupling is proving to accelerate improvements in both cognitive and motor performance regardless of age or ability level.

Programming is easy to access and specifically designed for each population making it easy to implement, validate and scale.

Our Rehab Customers

Fitness Applications

Older Adults, Sports Performance, Personal Training/SGT, and Youth.

Rehab Applications

Neuro, Orthopedic, Motor/Vestibular, and Brain Health/Wellness.

Our Fitness Customers

Turnkey Rehab and Fitness Programming at The Tap of Your Finger

SMARTfit’s turnkey programming is customizable to suit a wide range of applications ranging from orthopedic and neuro rehab to all sports performance, fitness and wellness populations. With the capability to address the specific visual, cognitive and motor training needs of each user SMARTfit’s extensive library of filmed exercises, developed by industry experts, make it easy introduce, standardize and scale across multiple locations. Key benefits include:

  • Engaging and FUN
  • Cloud-based program access and data management
  • Progressive Programming
  • Track Progress in Real Time
  • Baseline Reporting
  • Session/Progress Reporting
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