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Train Your Brain While Working Out and

Find Yourself in the NOW!

SMARTfit’s ‘Seize the Now’ programming provides the missing link by focusing on training the brain to function efficiently while concurrently placing a cardio, strength, motor, and skill demand on the body.

SMARTfit’s line of ‘Seize the Now’ training systems engages members of all ages in learning and exercise with captivating, interactive technology. SMARTfit’s powerful performance tracking and monitoring system is highly engaging and motivating. Exercise is fun for everyone regardless of age or ability.

SMARTfit sets the mental and physical conditions to function efficiently in the NOW!

SMARTfit – Turning Neurons into Superhighways

SMARTfit grows and strengthens neurons at record speed.  The process of high level engagement promoted by SMARTfit’s functional play-based programming, repeated practice promoted by SMARTfit’s short, attention-grabbing games and performance tracking, is highly effective at promoting the growth and repair of neurons.

SMARTfit is the training tool of the master instructor providing the ability to precisely tailor programming to suite the incremental steps of neuron growth, repair and strengthening. The result is a rapid way of turning neurons into superhighways where efficiency gives the perception of slow motion (often called “The Zone”).

Scientists have confirmed that the higher the level of engagement of the executive function of the brain, the faster neuroplasticity takes place.  SMARTfit excells with the use of timed and scored games that captivated desire to achieve and excel. Repeated play to achieve improved score rapidly drives mastery of skills and learning.

Neurons that Fire Together Wire Together – Hebbian Theory1

SMARTfit programming, embracing Hebbian Theory with technology and programming designed to simultaneously engage cognitive problem solving while requiring users to engage their whole body to deliver answers creates a training environment the is both invigorating and highly effective.

SMARTfit’s Apple/Android driven interface provides the tools to tailor activities to any ability level while supplying the data to measure and track progress. Players are motivated to keep returning to improve and track their progress.

Meet Our Scientific Advisors

Celebrity Personal Trainer Gunnar Peterson
Spokesperson, Program Development and Market Entry Strategist


“SMARTfit merges exercise and performance like nothing else on the market. I hear ‘mind/body’ all the time in the fitness world, but it wasn’t until I saw this technology in action that I realized what mind/body could be for athletes and others of all ages and abilities.

SMARTfit is the real mind/body training tool and I am thrilled to take an active role in programming for this cutting-edge company.”

Gunnar Peterson
Duke University Graduate


SMARTfit – Validated by Neuroscience

dr-liu“Thanks so much for sharing this amazingly interesting technology with me.  I am a bioengineer-neurosurgeon who directs the USC Neurorestoration Center.  The primary goal of our Center is to develop transformative technologies to restore function to the nervous system.

Human nervous system functions invariably involve a combination of cognitive and motor components.  I am extremely intrigued and optimistic that SMARTfit will prove to be an exceptionally effective and important tool that combines cognitive and motor training in unique and endless combinations to address a multitude of indications within the athletic and medical realms.

I look forward to working closely with you to quantify and document these benefits, optimally integrating them within neurorestoration/athletic training continuum.”

Charles Y. Liu, PhD, MD
Professor, Neurosurgery, Neurology, and Biomemedical Engineering USC Director,
USC Neurorestoration Center


“Everything in Parkinson’s research points to the need for combining cognitive challenges with physical activities- I cannot think of a better way to do that than with SMARTfit.”

Beth Fisher, PhD, PT, FAPTA Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy Director, Neuroplasticity and Imaging Laboratory Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy University of Southern California




SMARTfidr-powerst – Validated by Kinesiology and Biomechanics

“SMARTfit takes the focus of the player off the mechanics and moves it to the external, forcing the brain to solve two problems at the same time.”

“It solves the big missing part in rehab because we want carry-over onto the field. SMARTfit is a great tool to test if that is happening. Further studies will help us to measure its full effectiveness.”

Christopher Powers, PhD, PT, FACSM, FAPTA
USC Professor
Director, Biokinesiology Program
Co-Director, Biomechanics Research Lab


SMARTfit – Validated by Elite Athletes

“When I saw SMARTfit I knew right away that I was looking at the future. It olawrenceffered everything in one system. As a pro athlete I learned that traditional training methods were tapping only half of our performance faculties and saw cognitive training as a way to increase mental speed on the field.”

“I see SMARTfit as a way for elite athletes to break through performance plateaus and develop the vital underlying reaction and motor skills for sports. More importantly, it helps to develop efficient on-the-spot mental processing which is great for sports as well as all high-pressure professions such as business, military and policing. This platform is limitless.”

-Lawrence Jackson, Former NFL Defensive End

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