SMARTfit’s Gamified Neuro-rehabilitation and Fitness Technology Rapidly Enhances Cognitive Function and Physical Mobility by Training the Brain and Body to Work More Efficiently Together

SMARTfit Neuro-Cognitive Gym
With All Programming Delivered Via a Single Android/iOS App

How Can SMARTfit Help Grow Your Business?

  • Boosts client, member and staff retention with a suite of new fun and highly engaging programs
  • Produces faster results – training the brain and the body together has been proven to produce faster results
  • Increases referrals – faster results increases doctor referrals
  • Serves all populations regardless of age or ability
  • Produces evidence based data instantly which validates and motivates which leads to improved retention
  • Improves ROI with a library of pre-designed programs ready to generate cash based personal and small group programs
  • Always Up-to-date: Regular downloadable updates ensures your system never gets old.
“SMARTfit is the only technology that can scale cognitive demand while concurrently executing a wide variety of physical movements and skills. Progressive increments in cognitive demand while concurrently scaling physical demands ensures leveling and prevents overwhelm or boredom.  This allows the concept of demand and supply to produce optimum results for neuroplasticity.  This applies to new learning, recovery and preventions.”
Dr. Mike Studer
PT, World renowned expert in dual tasking and designer of SMARTfit's 5-minute dual task cost test

Includes over 3,000 pre-designed training activities (with how-to videos) for every participant regardless of age or ability


Cognitive Function While Moving


Orthopedic & Neuro-rehab, Autism Spectrum, Vestibular Health


Mild Cognitive Impairment, Dementia, Falls in Older Adults


Onset of Parkinson’s, MCI, dementia


Sports, Fitness, Active Aging and Youth Development

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