Neurofunctional Human Performance Training
Trains the Brain and Body Through Movement

SMARTfit Dual-Task Training Helps Create and Strengthen Neural Pathways so You Can:

  • Make quicker, smarter decisions while moving
  • Execute physical and mental skills more efficiently
  • Process what you see faster so you can react faster
  • Train to get into the flow/zone quickly
  • Improve focus, balance, coordination, and speed
  • Build Cognitive Reserve to Delay Cognitive Decline

SMARTfit Neurofunctional Training Produces Faster and Better Results in All Ability Levels with its Unmatched Range of Scalable Dual-Task Games, Assessments, Activities and Programs


Acute and Chronic Neuro, Orthopedic, Speech and Vestibular Rehabilitation


Loss of Physical and Cognitive Abilities
Onset of Parkinson’s, MCI, Dementia


Activities of Daily Living (ADL), High Performance Sports and Tactical Training

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