SMARTfit's Value in Rehab

How It Works

Take the SMARTfit Dual Task Journey to Cognitive-Motor Health

It starts with a game that triggers the desire to play. Then, through highly engaging repetition powered by the desire to achieve, it rapidly evolves into skilled action without conscious thought (automaticity).

SMARTfit’s sensitized target displays naturally combines focus, decision-making and motor interaction into skills at any level.

Measure – Repair – Prevent – Slow – Perform

  • Measure – Cognitive function while moving
  • Repair – Orthopedic/neuro rehab, Assisted Living and Autism Spectrum, Return-to-play-sports
  • Prevent – The loss of ADL’s (activities of daily Living)
  • Slow – Onset of MCI/dementia
  • Perform – Sports, Fitness, Youth Development

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