SMARTfit Play Pods


SMARTfit Play Pods engage young children in learning and exercise at the same time with fun, interactive technology.

SMARTfit™ Play Pods turn any child-care space into a highly engaging playground! Transform your kids club or early childhood facility into a space where children develop physical, sensory, cognitive, social, academic and behavioral skills which will last a lifetime.



 With SMARTfit™ Play Pods kids play  games while running, jumping, hopping, playing ball, balancing, or crawling.

Kids who use Play Pods learn to process cognitively while having fun and playing games. At the same time they learn to manage footwork, balance and accuracy. As a result they also learn spacial awareness which helps to improve visual-motor control, auditory processing, discrimination, sequencing, and memory.


  • 6098Alphanumeric targets display colors, numbers, letters or symbols. The targets drive cognitive games such as Chase the Alphabet, Find Smiley, Tackle the Number Sequence, Lights Out Race, Memory, Match the Pairs (of shapes, dice, symbols, numbers and letters), Simon Says, and Action Math. Targets are triggered by a hand, foot, ball, foam noodle or bean bag. This creates a unique and highly engaging environment for producing rapid training in cognitive skills in addition to neurological and physical fitness.
  • The system offers over 150 games that can be scaled to the ability level of players regardless of capability.
  • Targets — Option of wired, wireless or a combination of both can be placed up to 100’ from the CPU.
  • Applications – Pre-school, Day/Child Care, K-5 PE & Adapted PE, Occupational Therapy.
  • Location – any wall or room space larger than 4′ high by 6′ wide or greater.
  • Ages – 2 years +
  • Abilities – Includes everyone regardless of age and ability including sensory and physical challenges.
  • Results tracking – score overtime rewards mental and physical efficiency, speed and accuracy.
  • Easy Set-up – Wireless systems include wheeled carrying case. Wired systems include instructions and parts for easy installation.

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  • Wired targets should be spaced between 3′ and 10′ apart depending on the size of the space available. Targets can be located on a single wall, a corner using 2 walls or all 4 walls of a room.
  • Wireless pods can operate within 100′ of each other and while they can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor. For full versatility ordering 1 pod stand for each wireless target is recommended. They can even be hidden from view to make for a wide variety of fun treasure hunt games like “Find the Smiley Face”.

Most Popular Options

Wired – 1 starter kit with 3 additional 3-packs
1 CPU and 12 targets
(2 of each color)

Wired – 1 starter kit with 5 additional 3-packs
1 CPU and 18 targets
(3 of each color)

Wireless – 1 starter kit with 1 additional 3-pack
1 CPU and 6 wireless targets (1 of each color) with 6 pod stands


Configure your own system by choosing wired or wireless systems as well as the number and colors of your pods.

Step 1. Choose your Starter Kit which includes the CPU, option of wired/wireless. Choose the colors of your first 3 targets.

Wired starter kit options (offer the benefit of never having to charge the targets):

      • A. SMARTfit™ Play Pod CPU with 3 wired targets (Red, Blue, Yellow)
      • B. SMARTfit™ Play Pod CPU with 3 wired targets (Orange, Green, Purple)

Wireless starter kit options (can be shared, moved and used in any space both indoors or outdoors):

      • C. SMARTfit™ Play Pod CPU with 3 wireless targets (Red, Blue, Yellow)
      • D. SMARTfit™ Play Pod CPU with 3 wireless targets (Orange, Green, Purple)

Wireless starter kits include: A secure, wheeled carry case customized to hold the CPU, 6 targets and 2 pod stands. A duffel bag to accommodate additional pod stands and a ball kit. Recharging adaptor for charging the pods.

Step 2. Add up to 18 additional targets in 3-pack options. This includes your choice of wired/wireless and color combinations.

Product Options: View Models and Pricing


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