SMARTfit Mini 5 and Mini 9


SMARTfit Mini is the perfect addition to a kid’s club, physical or occupational therapy clinic, or active aging facility where space is limited. Featuring over 150 games, SMARTfit Mini is an ideal option for brain training game play. It offers games in reaction training like Chase the Target and Lights Out Race. In addition it also includes complex games that teach mental arithmetic such as learning square roots, addition, multiplication, division and subtraction.

SMARTfit Mini Processor (CPU):

  • Features a game interface, scoreboard, time clock.
  • Time clock and hi-fi sound system.
  • Hi-fi sound system used for auditory instructions, game tones, and songs.
  • Touch-sensitive targets can be adjusted to suit the striking pressure of the player or equipment.

SMARTfit Mini Specifications

SMARTfit Mini is available with 5 or 9 targets. It is also available as a permanent on-wall system or portable. It requires a minimum of 4’ x 6’ of playing area and an ideal of 8’ x 20’ if running is included. Installed on a wall it takes up only 2.5” of depth. Extend the system with wireless SMARTfit Pods to create a 360 degree playing environment.

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