Train Your Brain While Working Out

SMARTfit™ Functional and Brain Fitness Training Games offer highly engaging scalable programming designed to produce rapid results and are highly effective and fun for all ages and abilities. SMARTfit™ score tracking and analytics motivate and inspire users to quickly reach their ideal physical fitness and cognitive potential.
NEW RELEASE! 16x16 dot matrix target screens provides up to 3 rows of 5 digit word, counting and math games. Systems cater to the following Markets: Functional Fitness, SGX, Sports Performance, Wellness Programs, PT and OT Rehab, Boomer and Senior Programs, Youth Programs and Early Childhood Education. Now endorsed by industry leaders in the fitness, medical and sports performance markets.

SMARTfit™ products are proudly engineered and made in the USA - 18 months platinum service warranty


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Neurons That Fire Together Wire Together*

Neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to re-wire itself in response to sensory experiences, is now accepted science.**
Research also confirms that exercise is good for the brain. SMARTfit™ programming goes further,
concurrently triggering and strengthening new brain connections by simultaneously engaging the whole body
and multiple senses to improve both mental and physical performance.
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*Donald Hebb, Hebbian Theory
**Eric Kandel, Nobel Prize winner


I am listening to our students on our new systems in the interactive fitness room and its just awesome!!!!! I can’t tell you how well they’re doing with it!!! Just wanted to let you know again how much we love this stuff!!!
More SMARTfit™ Technology in Education

This is an exergame like a giant Nintendo Wii, but it’s not simulated activity – you actually have to throw the ball at the target and catch the ball coming back. It works great for the little kids, but it also starts building into sports elements – speed, agility, change of direction – so it can also be used for training top-level athletes.
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It’s great for the girls because they really take their mind off what they are doing and just getting to the activity. Instead of thinking “how hard am I working?”. . they are just having fun. It engages them and engages their minds. . For me as a coach to push them it’s a difficult job but right now when they are doing it alone, it’s kind of like effortless.
See the video interview here.